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Fiberglass basics

Fiberglass Tutorials

Another Kick Pod Tutorial

Kick pod fabrication

yet more kick pod tutorials

and even another kick pod tutorial

whats that? you wanted another fiberglass kick pod tutorial?
fiberglass wheel wells

Making door pods.
Making door pods/baffles.
HUGE all fiberglass interrior step by step install

Another Fiberglass Box Tutorial
Glassfiber Subbox Construction Photo Sequence

Baffle Construction/Door Treatments
Simple, Cheap and Effective Door Treatments
Building Door Panels
Door Panel Step by Step
Sealed Doors?
Ported Enclosures - Group Delay, Transient Response, Goals of Modeling?

sound dampning

radio wiring for those with chopped off harnesses

Kick panels and trim rings

Stephen Kephart’s awesome Brahma 10? center console
head unit installation…acura_home.html

Complete Install Step by Step for Mitisubishi Mirage and Nissan Silvia

radio wiring for those with chopped off harnesses

Headunit wiring/installation, antennnas, wiring, eliminating noise
Fiberglass basics

Fiberglass Tutorials

  • Kick pod theory and fabrication(fiberglassing)
  • Multiple Fiberglassing Tutorials by Chris Sandulow

Kick Pod Tutorial
Custom Center Console Tutorial
Kick pod fabrication
more fiberglassing
Kick pod theory and fabrication(fiberglassing)
Baffle Construction/Door Treatments

Factory Integration…ycar.aspx?&vb=Y
GM Data-Bus/On-star
Installation Instructions
Factory Wiring Identification -