The Technical Archive – Crossovers

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Passive crossover design. and choosing the right crossover

Crossover Explanations

TA Speaker Topics - Neutralizing L(e) with a Zobel - Series Notch Filter - Speaker Impedance Correction at Fs (Resonant Frequency) - Crossover Design Chart and Inductance vs. Frequency Calculator(Low-pass) - Passive Crossover Design Equations Formulas Calculator - Two Way First Order Network Butterworth - Speaker Crossover Chart and Capacitance vs. Frequency Calculator(High-pass)

Crossover basics

MiniVanMan’s Basic Guide to Crossovers Part 1

MiniVanMan’s Basic Guide to Crossovers Part 2

Phase, T/A, Points and Slopes? Where to Start?

Phase 101

TA to Phase Relationship

Does T.A. Effect Phase