The Technical Archive – Acoustics

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Acoustics – - Aiming a woofer box in a car trunk - bass cancelation - - Acoustics and Vibration Animations


Speaker Arrays- Line, Conventional and More

A-pillar Line Array (werewolf)

MTM Array – Pillar/Sail/Door (werewolf)

Whispers in the Pillar


Please define/explain “beaming”

Domes and Cones Midrange Questions


Where Does Midrange Lobing Occur

Vertical Location

How To Get a Solid Center Image

Kickpanel Speaker Locations: Pros, Cons (werewolf)

Mono (different playback methodologies)

Mixed Mono Center Channel

Depth in Car Audio


Midrange Waveguides

Rear fill

Rear deck speakers in, improvement in imaging?

Rear Fill: Do you use it

Confusion about L-R

Rear Fill Questions