The Technical Archive – Drivers/Enclosures

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Specifications and Plots
Transient Response and Stored Energy
How To Interpret Frequency Response Data
How to Interpret Distortion Plots
A Comparison of Various Measurement Methods
T/S Parameters… What Are They Good For?
What To Look For in a Klippel Measurement

8ohm drivers
The Real Deal with 8 Ohm Drivers

Understanding Qtc, Excursion and Power Applied
How to Properly Build a Ported Enclosure?
Sealed vs. Ported and SQ… Myth or Fact
Higher Fs Recommended for IB?
Sealed vs. IB Questions

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams

My enclosure design tutorial, still under construction.
DIY subwoofer page…
speaker damping, and the pro’s and cons to sealed vs ported
Box calculator

Box calculator by CCS

How a speaker works

Submit/View Submitted T/S Parameters (better off measuring it with a Woofer Tester)